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Classical Guitar Music
It now gives me great pleasure to present unique, melodic pieces written for the classical guitar. All the pieces are accessible and are of a standard between Trinity Grade II and Grade V.

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Sheet Music
View and print any of the following Geoffrey Brunt compositions:-
Adelane (Download PDF)
Angels (Download PDF)
Autumn (Download PDF) (page 2)
Blue Waltz (Download PDF) (page 2)
Butterfly (Download PDF)
Caravan (Download PDF)
Country Waltz (Download PDF) (page 2)
Dawn (Download PDF)
Dream (Download PDF)
Driftin' (Download PDF)
Eastern Star (Download PDF) (page 2)
Everything to Me (Download PDF) (page 2)
From Me To You (Download PDF) (page 2)
Für Amanda (Download PDF) (page 2)
Going Home (Download PDF) (page 2)
Hey Look at Me (Download PDF) (page 2)
I Hear You (Download PDF) (page 2) (page 3)
Italy (Download PDF)
Just a Little Time To Go (Download PDF) (page 2)
Just Messin' (Download PDF)
Late Night Waltz (Download PDF)
Leading Me On (Download PDF)
Lesley (Download PDF) (page 2)
Life Goes On (Download PDF)
Lodka (Download PDF)
Masque (Download PDF)
Memories (Download PDF)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Download PDF)
La Ardilla (Download PDF) (page-2)
Mayhem (Download PDF) (page-2)
Night Flight (Download PDF)
The Night the Frogs Took Over the Pond (Download PDF)
No More Fear (Download PDF) (page 2)
Now and Again (Download PDF)
Olga (Download PDF)
Olivia (Download PDF) (page 2)
One Night With You (Download PDF)
Rejoice (Download PDF) (page 2) (page 3) (page 4)
Round and Round (Download PDF)
Simple Song (Download PDF)
Sleigh Ride (Download PDF)
So Lonely (Download PDF)
Some Day Soon (Download PDF)
Souk (Download PDF) (page 2) (page 3)
Spirit of the Forest (Download PDF)
Spring (Download PDF)
Spring Waltz (Download PDF) (page 2)
Star Light Waltz (Download PDF) (page 2)
Sunburst (Download PDF) (page 2)
Tabatha (Download PDF) (page 2)
Tango (Download PDF)
Take Me With You When You Go (Download PDF) (page 2)
The Dance (Download PDF)
The Journey (Download PDF)
The Main Event (Download PDF) (page 2)
The Journey (Download PDF)
Time (Download PDF)
Tiptoe (Download PDF)
Tralee (Download PDF)
Walk With Me (Download PDF) (page 2)
When I'm Dreamin' (Download PDF) (page 2)
Wildflower (Download PDF) (page 2)

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Classical Guitar Music Composer
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